David Playpenz lost a finger and part of his hand after a motorcycle accident, but instead of simply throwing away the amputated digit, he took it home, cooked and ate it, and even kept the bones as a souvenir.

David says that he had always been curious about cannibalism and what human flesh would taste like, but the fact that going around eating another person’s meat is illegal, he had never actually satisfied his curiosity. Only now he had his own finger to munch on, and when it finally occurred to him that no one would be able to drag him to court for consuming his own flesh, he decided to eat it and keep the bones as a souvenir. 

David went into the kitchen and cooked his finger. To make sure he didn’t damage the bones, he opted to boil the digit instead of frying or roasting it, and didn’t season it with salt or sauce because he wanted to taste the meat’s real flavor.

 “I know it sounds mad, but it wasn’t just the curiosity. That finger was a big bit of me, too big a bit to lose, I decided that, if I ate the flesh and kept the bones, then I wouldn’t be losing part of me.” (x) 

He posted these photos on his Facebook.


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Cannibals may seem nice but they’re just trying to butter you up

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